Our Origin

In 2009 Love Art London launched a unique programme of behind-the-scenes events for our community of members with a view to changing the way people interact with art. Our exciting word-of-mouth experiences included after-hours access to museums & gallery exhibitions, super cool private collections, artists’ private studios, exclusive curator-led tours & private audiences with inspiring guest speakers.

Our Evolution

In 2011 we created a bespoke events consultancy service, which we offered to a handful of high profile corporate clients, mostly working in the worlds of finance, law & technology. Our network of clients grew organically through our individual members approaching us to arrange private corporate events that had a more personal, meaningful and unique edge. Over the years we have been lucky enough to work with some of the most creative, talented and inspirational people, not just in the art world but in the realms of music, fashion, ballet, theatre and beyond.

Our Work Today

Today our work is dedicated exclusively to our growing stable of high profile corporate clients for whom we curate the most authentic, creative, content-driven experiences in their event calendars.  Whether we're managing an experience for 10 or 500 guests, we specialise in delivering exceptional events that fit our clients’ strategic aims like a glove. And whether our delivery budget is £2,500 or £250,000, we always tailor a pitch perfect show from top to bottom.