GRAFFITI: A Connoisseur’s Walking Tour of East London



  • Friday 25 May
  • 6:30-8:30pm


  • Starting Point: Shoreditch Overground Station


  • Nearest Train
  • Shoreditch Overground Station


Given the success of our first graffiti walking tour last year, we’ve been constantly heckled to make it a permanent fixture and we’ve caved in. After all as Paul Weller rightly observed in 1980, the public gets what the public wants. With the Olympics looming, Boris Johnson’s dedicated graffiti-removal swat teams are racing around the city faster than Usain Bolt on crack in order to keep the city’s streets graffiti free. Despite having hundreds of snipers (loaded with paint stripper) positioned at every conceivable vantage point there are two fundamental flaws to Boris' plan. One, a city full of white-washed walls is like providing every London-based graffiti artist with a free studio. Two, all the snipers will have a brilliant view of the Olympic stadium to distract them.

Our graffiti gurus Sabina Andron and James Ryle will be taking us on a stroll through the streets of Shoreditch in a RUN DMC style spray-off called Established vs Emerging. We’ll be checking out a cracking selection of both the most well known and some of the freshest pieces out there - and as is the nature of the beast, some of the artists making the boldest, newest work are still unknown. And we don’t mean unknown in the broad sense, they’re literally unknown, nameless mavericks who decorate the streets under the cover of darkness. Epic.

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