JELLY SCULPTURE: Bompas & Parr in the Kitchen



  • Bompas & Parr’s Private Studio


  • Nearest Tube
  • Borough (Northern)


For those who have never come across the work of Sam Bompas & Harry Parr, brace yourselves for an extraordinary treat. Somewhere between Willy Wonka and Norman Foster this pair, among many things, make architectural sculpture (we don’t know what else to call it) out of jelly. Yup, jelly. Sam & Harry exist in a world where art, architecture, chemistry, pyrotechnics, food and alcohol collide at breakneck speed. Previous commissions include producing scale jelly moulds of St. Paul’s Cathedral (not for the Occupy London rabble or unemployed clergy) and Buckingham Palace, flooding an entire room with four metric tons of a lethal Courvoisier cocktail across which party-goers rafted on giant orange slices, installing ‘gin clouds’ at all sorts of parties (one deep breath is the equivalent of a strong G&T), making wedding cakes and crafting a three-dimensional map of the United States out of ‘Jell-O’. Commonly used ingredients include magic glow-in-the-dark dust, sand from the Pyramids, cognac infused with oak from Admiral Lord Nelson’s ship HMS Victory, ‘natural’ love potions and explosives. And what’s their favourite flavour of jelly? Coffee & Cigarettes of course.

Sam & Harry are inviting Love Art Londoners into their extraordinary studio/kitchen/lab to see exactly what the do. They’ll be showing us each stage of the creative process, from architectural modelling and vacuum moulding to selecting and mixing the perfect ingredients. Oh, and you’ll be getting to taste the lot. Brilliant.

This event is for Members Only (20 places)