FOSSIL HUNTER: Dale Rogers in Conversation



  • Tuesday 6 March
  • 6:30-8:30pm


  • Private Studio in Harlesden


  • Nearest Tube
  • Harlesden  (Bakerloo)


Dale Rogers is a fossil hunter. A real life Indiana Jones, he spends his life travelling the world in search of the rarest and most exquisite objects sculpted by the hands of Mother Nature. He carries a whip and everything. The objects that Dale sources for his collectors are often hundreds of millions of years old, in itself a mind-boggling fact, and unbelievably beautiful to look at. These magnificent objects appear to belong both to the past and to the future, a quality they share with the work of great sculptors like Henry Moore or Brancusi. We’ll be chatting to Dale, not at his gallery in Pimlico, but at his private warehouse in Harlesden as he rummages through the vast array of ammonites, crystals, fish fossils, dinosaur bones, stalactites and fossilised crocodiles which he has lying around. He might even show us his secret stash of Kryptonite. Each object will be brought to life through the stories Dale has to tell, from how they were formed, where he found them and how they were excavated. Indiana Jones eat your heart out. Outstanding.

This event is for Members Only (20 places)